Payment Providers

DEMO - Payment Providers

Webflow has an in-build e-commerce solution, however it adds a substantial monthly cost and lacks some capabilities. Sometimes you just need something simple, and crude, and cheap.

Fortunately, there are some payment providers who can be easily integrated using a simple payment URL format.

This library allows you to easily construct those URLs.

Currently we support two providers-

  • Windcave
  • Paypal

Important- this is not a no-code solution. It simply encapsulates the URL construction.

Getting Started ( NOCODE )

STEP 1 - Write your Code


<script type="module">

import { WindcavePayment, PaypalPayment } from "";

$(function() {
    var payPaypal = new PaypalPayment(); = ""; // your Paypal email
    payPaypal.amount = totalWithFees; // the numeric total amount
    payPaypal.currency_code = "NZD"; // currency you want
    payPaypal.item_name = orderDescription; // what was ordered
    // Set this URL on your payment link 
    $("#btn-pay-paypal").attr("href", payPaypal.generateUrl());