Webflow Membership Advanced Log-In & Sign-Up Flow


Webflow Membership Advanced Log-In & Sign-Up Flow

BETA - While Memberships is in BETA, this library will track that BETA status.

This feature allows you to enhance the Sign-Up / Log-In flow.

You can;

  • Take users to a special page on their first log-in
  • Take users to a member home page on subsequent log-ins
  • Have users return to the current page, after log-in

NOTE: There are two primary contexts for login, which we describe as explicit, and implicit. Explicit is when the user clicks a login button, or specifically requests log-in. Implicit is when the user requested a secure page, and Webflow redirect them to login to verify their access.

Implicit login flows are important, and are protected from interference.

Usage Notes

This libary is not attributes based, but rather has routing configuration options in its setup.

There are currently two configurations options;

  • routeAfterLogin - specifies an optional path to redirect users after an explicit login.
    • Recognizes a special path of ., which means, return to the current page.
  • routeAfterFirstLogin - specifies an optional path for the first time a user logs in.

Getting Started ( LOCODE )

STEP 1 - Add the Library

Add this script to the custom code HEAD of your site.

<!-- Membership routing -->
<script type="module">
import { WfuMembershipRouting } from 'https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/sygnaltech/webflow-util@4.11/src/modules/webflow-membership-routing.js';
new WfuMembershipRouting({
    routeAfterLogin: "/u/home",
    routeAfterFirstLogin: "/u/new"

Configure the routing options to paths you prefer. These can be secured pages (which require login), or un-secured.

Note that if you use a secured page, you will want to make certain that all of the users you redirect there have the appropriate access group.

See notes above.