HTML Tables

While DIVs are superior for layout, HTML Tables can offer a simplicity of data-presentation that is tough to beat.

Webflow does not have a Table element, so we’ve added the ability to generate an HTML table anywhere you like, from tabular JSON data.

DEMO - Google Sheet as JSON

Retrieve data from a Google sheet, and convert it to JSON.


  • Retrieved from a Google Sheet source as CSV.
  • Converted to JSON.

DEMO - Generate HTML Table from JSON

Retrieve data from an online source, and create an HTML table.


  • This table content is sourced live from a Google Sheet

DEMO - Encoding HTML Entities

Retrieve data that contains HTML markup characters, to test encoding.


DEMO - LOCODE Approach

Performs both the data retrieval and binding in a single call using a helper method.


  • Google spreadsheet source - link